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Finding a good quad copter can be quite a hassle in today’s emerging drone market, but thankfully there are a few models like the Hubsan x4 H107L for example that manage to stand out thanks to their design, great quality and small size.

Hubsan X4

Size and design

One of the major selling points for the Hubsan x4 H107L comes from the fact that the product can fit in the palm of your hand without a problem. The black color and the beautiful design that come with the product clearly show how beautiful and unique this product really is.

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Full Specs

  • 2.4GHz 4 channel flight
  • Outdoor flight
  • Latest 6 axis flight control system
  • Adjustable gyro sensitivity
  • Super stable flight
  • Lightweight airframe for durability
  • 4 way flips (left, right, forwards and back)
  • USB charging
  • Coreless motor
  • Requires 4 x AAA batteries
  • Measures approx. 6cm x 6cm


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Technical Specifications

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  • 3.7V 240mAh battery
  • Flight time approx. 9 minutes
  • Charge time approx. 30 minutes



Hubsan X4 H107L Features

Hubsan x4 H107L comes with a 4-channel 2.4 GHz controller and at the same time it has a batter of 240mAH, more than enough to provide you with a decent flight experience.

Based on our experience with the product we were able to get around 7-8 minutes of flight even in the windy conditions where the quad copters usually need more power to stay stable. In regards to the charging time, Hubsan x4 H107L requires 1 hour, which is more than decent.

When it comes to the controlling distance, the Hubsan x4 H107L is very good, with around 30 meters. Considering the small size that this product offers, it’s nice to see a large control distance, because you can literally take it anywhere you want, just try to stay a little close to it.

The motor for this Hubsan x4 H107L is coreless, which brings less power than the larger devices, but considering the small size of this product, you can’t ask for more. During tests, Hubsan x4 H107L managed to bring a more than decent result! It’s important to note that the motor capacity is 240mAH as well.

Package and pricehubsan-x4-quadcopter-packagingHubsan Mini Quadcopter

Hubsan x4 H107L’s package is light, because it includes the batteries, copter and an USB charger, but in the end this is more than enough considering the fact that you can get the quad copter for around $50 on many websites.[wpsm_list type=”bullet”]

  • 1 x Hubsan X4 Quadcopter
  • 1 x Remote control
  • 1 x Protective cage
  • 4 x Spare Blades
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x Instructions manual


Pros and cons

A major benefit of the Hubsan x4 H107L comes from the fact that it has a gyro system that brings a steady flight and more stability. At the same time, the device is small and can be held comfortably in your hand without a problem.

And even if the Hubsan x4 H107L breaks, the replacement parts are easy to find online and they are quite cheap. It works in both indoor and outdoor locations and, because of its size, the copter is really fast. For some power users, the Stunt mode can be quite appealing, since you can perform flips and rolls without a problem.

When it comes to the downsides of the Hubsan x4 H107L, the only issue you can find here is that the controls can be a little hard to get used to, and there are many small parts which might be hard to supplant.


Despite the minor issues, Hubsan x4 H107L is a solid quad copter with a lot of interesting and exciting bonuses. It provides some blue lights that make it easy to control during the night, and its small size makes the device very easy to control at all times. If you want a good quad copter that’s tiny yet amazingly good for its price, we recommend you to check out the Hubsan x4 H107L right away!


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  1. The Hubsan X4 is a classic. I’ve read that the rates are programmable, which is great for all skill levels; novices can make it really docile, while experienced pilots can fine-tune the controls. Considering that it features direct-drive props, the flight time is very good.

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