Great news for Frsky fans.

The Taranis transmitter has just had a price drop from $ 259.99 to $ 149.53…………..including a X8R receiver & 2000mah battery.

Was = $259.99

Now = $149.53


The Taranis plus has arrived and it’s a great upgrade on the original. The LCD display is now higher quality has better contrast and a back-lights are adjustable from blue to white.

The potentiometers have been improved, along with better feedback on the knobs and sliders.

The real standout upgrade is that haptic feedback has now being built in to the transmitter. This allows you to be alerted silently or using the regular voice or alarm features.


1.Up to 16 channels
2.Four ball bearing gimbals
3. Two-module two-frequency system
4.Three selectable modes
5.2 color backlit LCD selectable(blue&white,Orange&white) send randomly
6.Upgrade the firmware by using SD card directly,no need to install any driver
7.Smart port supported,USB,Haptic
8.Receiver match,RSSI(Receiver signal strength)
9.Audio speech output(values,alarms,settings,etc)
10.Real time flight data logging
11.Vibration alerts

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